About Us

Over 50 Years Experience


As a leader in providing registration, title, tax, permit and authority filing services, VRT Services offers its clients many benefits which will reduce costs and improve the overall accuracy and efficiency of processing state agency paperwork.

Moreover, VRT Services has been providing New and Used Car Dealers titling and registrations throughout the nation, allowing us to proudly be known for specializing in “Out-of-State” registration.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, which allows us to consistently deliver exceptional personal services.  Our clients reap the benefits of our collective team working together to solve any issues that may arise.

We don’t just process your paperwork, but work in partnership with you to meet your business needs.

We understand that our clients have many unique situations depending on the type of business they are involved in. As part of our commitment to excellence, we often customize our services to fit the needs of each client.

We continually invest in our staff and technology keeping us ahead of the competition and streamline processes to ensure we maintain optimal services.

Excellent Customer Service


The professional team at VRT Services Inc. pride themselves on exceeding expectations and going the extra mile. Our purpose is to provide you with expedient, efficient and knowledgeable service that extends beyond any service offered by state agencies or other registration companies. Due to the variety of clientele needs and objectives, VRT Services has specialized departments that work together in teams to provide comprehensive service to each client. Our National Title and Registration Department processes all transactions for dealerships, and private parties within all 50 states. Our Motor Carrier, Apportion and Fuel Tax Department assists those clients who travel interstate and must comply with multiple state and federal regulations. Working together, our specialized departments offer each client the best overall service and attention. VRT Services’ most valuable resource is our employees. With over fifty years of combined experience in the transportation industry, each employee is an expert in their respective field. As a client of VRT Services, you will have full access to each employee to help solve any issues that may arise. Our competitive advantage at VRT Services is the knowledge we possess that allows us to provide each client with expedient and efficient service.

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