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VRT Services is one of the few services linked directly with the state titling and licensing facilities. With this capability, we are able to issue CA plates and tags right from our office. This ensures a quick turn-around times, and less hassle than dealing directly with state titling and licensing departments yourself.Tiles

Titling in Any State

There is no longer a need to use several registration services in different states. VRT Services can obtain a title in any state you request.RenewalIcon


Regardless of the state that you are base-plated, VRT Services can take care of renewing your IRP registration.StatusRpt

Status Reporting

VRT Services offers monthly recap reports to help clients manage their equipment.App

Supplement Applications

Throughout the year, VRT Services will take care of your fleet maintenance. VRT Services will take care of adding or deleting vehicles, adding jurisdictions to your cab cards, or making other changes to keep your account up to date.DocsIcon

Document Reconstruction

If you had the unfortunate luck of losing all of your paperwork, VRT Services has the resources to reconstruct your documents.

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